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You deserve to be happy beyond your wildest dreams

If you read that statement and don't immediately say "Of course!", you need a coach— a coach who can help you: 

  • Advance your career, or find a new one.
  • Get more satisfaction from the work you do.
  • Gain a powerful start at a new job or organization.
  • Put a name to the deep yearning inside. 
  • Redesign your life to fit your deep desires.

Find your unique path to success and happiness! 


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I’ve received coaching from Terry over the last two years and have made positive changes in my life as a result. Terry helps me re-frame issues in a more positive light. She sometimes reminds me of strengths or assets I already possess that I can apply against a new challenge. Terry’s deep experience in leadership development has been a great help to me as I work on career growth. I always leave a session with action items of my choosing, and feeling that I am making a positive change in my life.
— Robin Ratliff
Working with Terry allows me to turn my thinking from vague notions to a clear vision with well-constructed ideas and positive action steps. Through Terry’s active listening skills and deft questions, and the work that I do, each coaching session takes me on creative paths to unlocking my potential.
— Claudia Brice
Terry has an exceptional skill as a Personal Coach. She is approachable and easy to talk with, yet focused. She does not lead you but, instead, allows you to fully explore your options, even those you may not have considered seriously. My first step in creating a new life was to hire Terry as my coach—and that decision has made all the difference!
— Marie T. Wright



Every client is healthy, creative and whole. The answers are within. My role as a coach is to provide a process and the right conditions for allowing clients to access their inner wisdom. I partner with my clients, together viewing the situation to see what is possible. The possibilities are almost always bigger and better than first thought.

About Me

My Coaching Journey

In 1989, facing the end of maternity leave and utterly unhappy about going back to my job, my husband suggested that I see a coach. I didn't know what I wanted, I just knew that I didn't want to go back to work. The coach led me through an interesting process that resulted in a new way to view myself in relation to my talents and my work. Within a few months, I took advantage of a new job opportunity that led to a completely different, and far happier, career. I know first hand that coaching can be life changing. It was for me. 

In 2001, I took my first coaching class and began providing 360degree feedback coaching in my corporate role. Learning about adult development, seeing people stretching their skills, and experiencing it myself, was thrilling. I receive great satisfaction in seeing people advance their careers through my coaching. 

As time goes on, I increasingly see coaching as a necessary tool to help clients determine how to make the most of the precious time they have left.  They want to find joy, make an impact and leave a legacy.

Regardless of age, when the road seems to be taking us in the wrong direction, we are often more willing to venture beyond what we know. I am privileged to make the journey with my clients as they find new ways to connect with their values and live an authentic life.